On Tuesday 26 February, the British historian, Professor Martin Daunton, delivered a public lecture at Cumberland Lodge, on 'Contested Histories & Multiple Identities: The Place of the Past in the Present'.

The lecture marked the end of our two-day conference on Difficult Histories & Positive Identities.

About the speaker

Martin Daunton has been emeritus professor of economic history at the University of Cambridge since his retirement in 2015.

He was previously the Astor Professor of British History at University College London. Prior to that, he was Master of Trinity Hall College, Cambridge, from 2004 to 2014. 

He has written extensively on British economic and social history, focusing on economic and social policy relating to distributive justice in taxation, housing and welfare. He is currently completing a book on the economic governance of the world since 1933, and starting to work on a history of intergenerational justice. 

He served for eight years as a trustee of the National Maritime Museum, where he was involved in discussions over the interpretation of imperial trade, and he is now a Commissioner of Historic England, where he is involved in the discussions over the interpretation of England’s past.

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6 March, 2019