A recording of our Dialogue & Debate webinar, streamed live on Wednesday 5 May 2021 from 11am, exploring how people in the UK can adapt to climate change in ways that foster social cohesion rather than division across nations and within communities.

This hour-long, interactive discussion was hosted by our Programme Officer, Emily Gow, with guest panellists, a live poll and audience Q&A. Our three guest speakers were:


This webinar is part of our regular series of Dialogue & Debate webinars, which explore pressing issues of social cohesion in the UK with guest speakers from a range of sectors and perspectives. Our webinars are live-streamed on Zoom, with an audience Q&A, on the first Wednesday of each month, at 11.00am. Recordings are shared afterwards, to access on demand.

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Audio-only recording

If you prefer to listen back to this webinar, you can do so via our SoundCloud channel here, or search for our Dialogue & Debate series on any major podcasting platforms.

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6 May, 2021