Lisa Power is a board member of Queer Britain and she was a co-founder of Queer Britain. She was a guest speaker at our conference on Difficult Histories & Positive Identities on 25-26 February.

Lisa spoke for 20 minutes, opening with the question, 'Difficult histories are difficult for whom?' She also outlined plans for a new Queer Britain museum in London, on LGBTQ histories, and she addressed the following questions:

  • As politicians and others issue calls for new shared narratives and unity, how might museums balance demands for a more critical engagement with the past, on the one hand, with their responsibility to craft shared histories and identity, on the other?
  • How can museums position themselves as shapers of national and local identities in a contested and divided historical landscape?

  • Is it possible to celebrate and represent historically marginalised communities in mainstream museums?

  • To create cohesive identities, what does society need from 21st-century museums?

Lisa set the scene for a panel discussion and questions from the wider conference, on 'Museums'.

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6 March, 2019