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Dr Charlotte Knobloch

In January 2019, Cumberland Lodge partnered with the CCJ to bring together faith representatives, emerging leaders, community groups, students and other organisations to address current, faith-based challenges to the dangers of populism, extremism and nationalism around the world.

In her keynote address, Charlotte Knobloch spoke about the contemporary crisis in democracy from a European perspective, introducing the symposium to how and why populism and extremism are on the rise across Europe and indeed the world.
An English transcript of her talk (which was delivered in German) can be downloaded from this page.

Speaker biography

Born in Munich in 1932, Charlotte Knobloch survived the Holocaust by hiding on a farm in northern Bavaria. After the war, she returned to Munich where she has been head of the community since 1985. In this capacity, she oversaw the opening of the new main synagogue and community centre in 2006/07.
Apart from numerous other roles, she has served as Vice-President (2005- 2013) and Commissioner for Holocaust Memory (since 2013) of the World Jewish Congress, as well as head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany (2006-2010). In 2008, she was awarded the Grand Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.
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7 January, 2019