Written by
Kat Eghdamian (Cumberland Lodge Research Associate 2016/17)

'The Rule of Law - Not Rule by Law': International Legal Implications for Freedom of Religion or Belief was published ahead of our final retreat for 2016/17, which took place at Cumberland Lodge from 21-23 July 2017.

The weekend retreat explored practical responses to protecting and promoting the right to freedom of religion or belief, from local, national and international perspectives.


The 23-page Briefing opens with a summary of the human rights framework for the right, difficulties in interpreting it, core legal principles, and the role of the state in enforcing it.

It goes on to cover:

  • Blasphemy laws
  • Religious discrimination in the workplace
  • The religious and moral education of children
  • Limitations to Freedom of Religion or Belief.

The Briefing was written by our freelance Research Associate, Kat Eghdamian.

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