Written by
Deborah Grayson

The conference brought together a wide range of people working in, or with, the education sector to discuss, and stimulate new thinking on, educational interventions to tackle the spread of hateful attitudes and behaviours among young people.

The conference was held partly in response to the UK Government’s 2016 ‘Action Against Hate’ strategy, which highlights to role education can play in combating hate, stating ‘it is vital that young people and teachers are given the right tools and skills to challenge hatred and prejudice from an early age.’ By bringing together teachers and students from schools, as well as representatives from government, educational charities, NGOs and academic researchers, the aim of the conference was to gain insights from different perspectives, share best practice, and develop new ideas. 

This report is a summary of the conference discussions and recommendations. There was a strong consensus that more work needs to be done, particularly in terms of distilling and honing the key principles of best practice that were demonstrated through case studies.

This conference report covers the following areas:

  • Executive summary 

  • Conference summary and key issues

  • What works? 

  • Collaboration 

  • Challenges

  • Continuing the conversation

  • Recommendations

  • Case studies


Resource Type
Published Date
9 May, 2018