Written by
Dr Sinéad Fitzsimons

Resilient Communities aims to examine how to foster social cohesion in ways that make communities more resilient to disruptive events and developments, and help fractured communities to reconfigure more effectively in their aftermath.

The conference is hosted in partnership with The Young Foundation, a leading independent centre for that aims to help communities thrive, through research, community-led innovation, and social innovation, ventures and investment.

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You can read the full Conference Briefing here in full-screen mode, or download it in PDF format from the link on this webpage.


We are grateful to our freelance Research Associate, Dr Sinéad Fitzsimons, for researching and preparing this briefing document, which is designed to helf participants prepare for the conference discussions.

You can find out more about the conference here, and we will be tweeting at #CLYFresilient.

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Published Date
25 February, 2020