Written by
Kat Eghdamian (Research Associate 2016/17)

Holding religious or non-religious beliefs and worldviews is a fundamental part of human nature, as is having no belief or worldview.  

When the freedom to hold – or not hold – belief is absent, either through suppression or the enforced domination of a particular religion or belief-system, then this aspect of human nature is violated, which can cause personal or communal suffering and be a source of division and conflict.

FoRB is a fundamental human right and is characteristic of peaceful, stable and inclusive societies, and yet, 76% of the world's population live in countries where FoRB is threatened.  

The Emerging International Leaders programme at Cumberland Lodge is based on the premise that intercultural and interfaith encounters, relationship building and religious literacy are effective methods of combatting intolerance and reducing prejudice.

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This Cumberland Lodge Briefing is distributed to delegates enrolled on the programme, to help them prepare for the first of three weekend retreats. It was prepared by our freelance Research Associate Kat Eghdamian in 2017, and updated and republished in May 2019.

The Briefing Document can be downloaded from the link on this webpage in compressed pdf format, or read on screen in full-screen mode here.

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8 April, 2019