Dr Heema Shukla is an independent consultant in public health. She has previously held senior posts in academia, NHS and government. She has worked across all areas of public health – health improvement, health protection, healthcare public health and health intelligence. 

At Public Health England as consultant lead on mental health and wellbeing she played a key role in influencing the inclusion of people with mental illness in the national poiicy- Living Well For Longer, contributed to the all party parliamentary group on mindfulness, and embedded mental health in the PHE seven priorities. She also took on the portfolio work on gender and health, arts and health. 

Prior to that she worked at Hillingdon Primary Care Trust where she led on various portfolios. She took on secondments at the Regional Public Health Group, London and NW London Health Protection Unit. 

In addition, she has undertaken leadership roles in  a number of professional bodies such as the Faculty of Public Health, Royal Society for Public Health, UK Voluntary Register for Public Health, UK Public Health Association, Nutrition Society, Association for Nutritionists. She is currently deputy advisor for the Faculty of Public Health, London region, Chair, Special interest group on arts and health, member of executive committee of Special Interest Group on India. She is an assessor for the UK.

In her spare time, she likes going on long walks in the park- her favourite walks are in Virginia Waters at Great Windsor Park and Bushy Park at Hampton, 

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2 February, 2016