On the second day of the Working Identities conferenceWorking Identities at Cumberland Lodge in March 2019, Dr Jan-Jonathan Bock, our Programme Director, spoke to two of the conference participants and speakers, about their reflections on the most pressing work-related issues facing society today, and their key take-aways for their work going forward.

Key themes

Sietske van der Ploeg is Head of Evidence and Impact at The Mayor's Fund for London. In this podcast, she describes her renewed motivation to tailor programmes for young people that take into account varying experiences of work cultures and unemployment.  

She talks about identity in relation to improving opportunities for young people, and about how experiences of unemployment can have a big impact on identity formation and how young people engage with society more broadly.

Anna Thomas, co-founder and Director of The Institute for the Future of Work, remarks on the timely nature of the conference, with the Brexit deadline looming and our identity as a country "up for grabs".

Anna talks about the importance of looking at work from different angles, and of enriching public discourse to advance our understanding of the changing nature of work and working identities - and of the meaning and purpose that work brings - to help us think about the vision of work that we want.

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12 March, 2019