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Social Cohesion in Times of Uncertainty
Members of our 2017 Cumberland Colloquium report on their September conference
Published Date: 
6 Oct 2017
Education & Social Cohesion
This Cumberland Seminar will examine 'Education and Social Cohesion' with an introductory briefing from guest speaker Lord Adonis.
Published Date: 
5 Oct 2017
A Generation without Hate
Cumberland Lodge briefing document for 'A Generation without Hate', which examines prejudice-motivated hate crime in education settings.
Published Date: 
20 Sep 2017
Life Beyond the PhD 2017
An account of the 10th annual PhD conference, by former Cumberland Lodge Scholars, Rebecca Black, Laura Castells Navarro, Dr Sam Fowles and Lorna Hardy
Published Date: 
4 Sep 2017
Social Cohesion Colloquium
A resource pack published ahead of our September 2017 Colloquium on 'Social Cohesion in Times of Uncertainty'
Published Date: 
18 Aug 2017
Theodore Zeldin speaking at the 70th anniversary Cumberland Conversation on 'The Art of Conversation', at Cumberland Lodge, on Saturday 15 July 2017
Recording of our 70th anniversary Cumberland Conversation with Theodore Zeldin, on 'The Art of Conversation', held on 15 July 2017
Published Date: 
3 Aug 2017
Understanding FoRB
Cumberland Lodge Briefing document for the third and final retreat of our Emerging International Leaders Programme 2016/17.
Published Date: 
20 Jul 2017
Shami Chakrabarti, Visiting Fellow at Cumberland Lodge
A short podcast with Shami Chakrabarti, as part of our series of podcasts to help mark our 70th anniversary as an educational foundation
Published Date: 
5 Jul 2017
Salley Vickers, trustee of Cumberland Lodge
A 10-minute conversation with the author Salley Vickers, who is one of our Trustees, on the role of education in challenging social divisions
Published Date: 
29 Jun 2017
Baroness Nicholson, Chair of the AMAR Foundation, pictured speaking at a podium
A conversation with Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, on community divisions and cohesiveness, for our 70th anniversary podcast series
Published Date: 
29 Jun 2017