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Working Identities
An interdisciplinary Conference Briefing by Dr Eva Selenko, published ahead of our conference on 'Working Identities'
Published Date: 
4 Mar 2019
Lisa Power, board member of Queer Britain
Listen to a short podcast with three speakers from our conference on Difficult Histories and Positive Identities, recorded on 26 February 2019
Published Date: 
26 Feb 2019
Difficult Histories
Download our Conference Briefing by Dr James Wallis, for the February 2019 Cumberland Conference, 'Difficult Histories & Positive Identities'
Published Date: 
15 Feb 2019
Panellists at the Democracy in Crisis? Moral and Spiritual Resistance symposium at Cumberland Lodge, 7 January 2019
Reflections on the 'Democracy in Crisis?' symposium on 7 January, by Cumberland Lodge Scholar, Sarah Clowry
Published Date: 
23 Jan 2019
Delegates at 'Democracy in Crisis: Moral & Spiritual Resistance' symposium at Cumberland Lodge on 7 January 2019
Listen to the introductory address by Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, delivered at Cumberland Lodge on 7 January 2019, at the 'Democracy in Crisis?' symposium
Published Date: 
18 Jan 2019
Pen Mendonca drawing a graphic recording of the 'Democracy in Crisis' symposium of faith leaders at Cumberland Lodge, January 2019
A graphic recording from our 'Democracy in Crisis' symposium on 7 January 2019, by Pen Mendonca
Published Date: 
8 Jan 2019
Students participating in the 'Writing Wrongs' retreat at Cumberland Lodge in December 2018, on the Tapestry Hall staircase
A blog by Zoe Bushby, a sixth-form student who participated in our 'Writing Wrongs' young writers' retreat on 12-14 December 2018
Published Date: 
8 Jan 2019
Charlotte Knobloch speaking at Democracy in Crisis symposium at Cumberland Lodge, January 2019
English transcript of an address by Charlotte Knobloch at our 'Democracy in Crisis?' symposium on 7 January 2019
Published Date: 
7 Jan 2019
Commonwealth & International Student Christmas 2018
Cumberland Lodge Scholar, Nour Al Kafri, reflects on her first Christmas away from Syria in December 2018
Published Date: 
4 Jan 2019
Delegates at 'The Politics of (Post) Truth' colloquium at Cumberland Lodge in 2018
An account of our student-led 2018 Colloquium, by Cumberland Lodge Scholar, Sarah Clowry, a PhD student at the University of Durham
Published Date: 
20 Dec 2018