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Freedom Restrained
A briefing by Cumberland Lodge Research Associate, Dr Francesca Menichelli on the 'Freedom Restrained: Public Protection, Risk & Policing' conference at Cumberland Lodge on 20 - 22 April 2018.
Published Date: 
13 Apr 2018
Winnie Li, Ellie Ball and Dr Neera Dholakia
An account of our International Women's Day, House of Lords Seminar, by Cumberland Lodge Scholar, Rebecca Love
Published Date: 
28 Mar 2018
Freedom & Sexuality: LGBTQI+ Rights in the Commonwealth
An account of our February Freedom Series event, by Cumberland Lodge Scholar, Jack Parsons
Published Date: 
12 Mar 2018
70th Commonwealth & International Student Christmas
An account of our 70th annual Christmas retreat, by Cumberland Lodge Scholar, Amanda McBride
Published Date: 
8 Jan 2018
A study guide to accompany Amy Buller's 'Darkness over Germany', exploring contemporary themes of nationalism, populism and extremism
Published Date: 
4 Jan 2018
Group fusion and terrorism
A blog by Cumberland Lodge Scholar Saeed, on the recent Cumberland Seminar 'What Motivates Extremism?' with Professor Harvey Whitehouse
Published Date: 
28 Nov 2017
Hate vs Hope
A transcript of Professor Dominic Abrams presentation on 'The Causes and Motivations of Prejudice and Discrimination' from our 'A Generation without Hate' conference
Published Date: 
15 Nov 2017
Hate vs Hope
An account by Cumberland Lodge Research Associate, Deborah Grayson, on the 'A Generation without Hate' conference.
Published Date: 
13 Nov 2017
Professor Harvey Whitehouse, speaker at the Cumberland Lodge seminar on 'What Motivates Extremism?' in November 2017
A short podcast with Professor Harvey Whitehouse on causes of extremism, ahead of our Cumberland Seminar on 8 November 2017
Published Date: 
9 Nov 2017