Dates and times

From: 15 Jul 2017 - 11:00am
To: 15 Jul 2017 - 1:00pm
Theodore Zeldin, speaker at 70th anniversary Cumberland Conversation at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, 15 July 2017

For our 70th anniversary Cumberland Conversation, we will be joined by the renowned historian and philosopher Dr Theodore Zeldin, to explore the art of good conversation.

Theodore is the author of Conversation: How Talk Can Change Our Lives (1998), which grew out of a series of six, 20-minute talks originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

In it, he argues that traditional conversation is governed by rules of etiquette and custom, where people primarily talk to pass the time or to cement social links, or else to argue or persuade. He introduces the idea of the 'New Conversation', which is more of 'a meeting of minds with different memories and habits'.

Theodore will be in conversation with our Principal, Ed Newell, before inviting questions from the audience.

Buffet lunch

As this is our 70th anniversary Conversation we will also be offering a light buffet lunch at 12.30pm for those who want to stay on and dine with us.

Tickets for the lunch will be £20 per person and proceeds will help to support our charitable work.


The Conversation itself is free of charge as always, but advance booking is essential. It will take place in The Mews Conference Centre next to the main Lodge.

Look out for a live-stream on our Facebook page here, from 11am on Saturday 15 July, and an audio recording, video and photographs after the event.

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