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21 April 2017, 3:00pm to 23 April 2017, 12:00pm
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Our 36th annual Police Conference, on 'Eliminating Slavery: Enhancing the Police Response', will address the issue of modern slavery and the implications and priorities for policing.

Slavery is a pressing issue for policing. An estimated 45 million people live in slavery around the world, which compares to about 12 million at the height of the slave trade of the 18th and 19th centuries.

In the UK, 2015 figures suggest that there are an estimated 10,000 to 13,000 victims of modern slavery. There were just 113 convictions for slavery offences in 2015.

Shortly after taking up office, the Prime Minister, Theresa May urged international leaders and organisations to work together to stamp out modern slavery worldwide. She called on like-minded countries and practitioners to develop a "model national response" based upon:

  • Strong law enforcement action and legislative framework
  • Reducing vulnerability and supporting victims
  • Tackling transparency in supply chains
  • Effective international cooperation.

In 2014 the International Labour Organization estimated that the global trade in humans was worth a staggering £113.8 billion ($150 billion), making it one of the top-three most profitable crimes, globally, with the other two being drugs and gun crime. In 2013 the Home Office estimated that the cost of human trafficking for sexual exploitation to the UK was £890 million.

"You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know." - William Wilberforce


This interactive, residential conference will look at the nature and extent of modern slavery in 21st century Britain, public perceptions of slavery and case studies of successful prosecutions. It will also explore opportunities for effective multi-agency working and the wider, international context to slavery and trafficking, informed by the work of the UK Government taskforce on slavery and human trafficking.

The aim of the conference is to raise awareness about modern slavery amongst key policing stakeholders and to examine best practice in developing a structured, multi-agency approach to prosecuting and preventing slavery, to support the recommendations of the Independent Anti-slavery Commissioner’s Annual Report 2015-2016 and The Modern Slavery Act 2015 Review


Speakers and contributors include:

  • DCI Jenny Bristow, Cambridgeshire Police
  • PCC Mark Burns-Williamson, Police and Crime Commissioner, West Yorkshire and Chairman of the National Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Network (NATMSN)
  • Caroline Haughey, Barrister and author of The Modern Slavery Act Review
  • DCS Russ Jackson, North West Counter Terrorism Unit
  • Damaris Lakin, Special Casework Unit, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
  • Rt Hon Fiona MacTaggart, MP for Slough
  • Shaun Sawyer, Chief Constable for Devon and Cornwall
  • Andrew Wallis, CEO, UNSEEN
  • Alastair Redern, The Rt Rev. the Lord Bishop of Derby
  • Tom Duggan, Deputy Director, Global Issues, NSS, Cabinet Office.
  • Will Kerr, Director of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command, National Crime Agency (NCA)
  • Christian Guy, Director of UK and Europe for Justice and Care


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