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From: 16 May 2019 - 3:00pm
To: 16 May 2019 - 5:00pm
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Knowledge Cafe - Cambridge

Calling all students! Join us at the Woolf Institute in Cambridge on 16 May 2019, to discuss excerpts from Darkness over Germany, the book written by our founder, Amy Buller.

This event will reflect on the themes and questions raised in Moral and Spiritual Dilemmas in Challenging Times, a study guide to Darkness over Germany, a book which explores fanaticism in 1930s Germany, with a particular focus on the experience of students.


The event will adopt the world café/knowledge café method, bringing together up to 60 students to participate in discussions facilitated by Cumberland Lodge. Our discussions will use material from Moral and Spiritual Dilemmas in Challenging Times as a jumping off point, and will focus on the concerns most affecting students and young people:

  • How do we address tensions between generations in our own families or faith communities?
  • How can we protect ourselves and others from being swept along by populist movements?
  • How can we meet the needs of young people searching for meaning and purpose?
  • What are the biggest pressures facing the student population?

Participants will be provided with short excerpts from Darkness over Germany and Moral and Spiritual Dilemmas in Challenging Times in advance of the event.

On the day, a facilitator will introduce the topic and explain the rationale for the event before inviting participants to discuss questions prompted by the texts in small groups. Students will move between groups, responding to different topics and engaging with a range of perspectives.

The event will close with a plenary session that draws together the major themes emerging from discussions on the day.

We will also be joined by contributors to the study guide:


Tea and coffee will be served from 4.30 until 5pm.

All are welcome

We welcome participants from different faith communities, those of non-theistic belief systems, and those of no faith or belief.


If you would like to attend, please follow the 'Register' button on this webpage.

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