Violence Against Women


Women are more likely to speak to health professionals about their experiences than to report violence directly to the police. This should place public health policymakers and health practitioners at the forefront of an integrated approach to combating violence against women.

What can be done to ensure that this happens in practice? And how can we improve the integration between healthcare, criminal justice and support services that seek to address violence against women?

This cross-sector seminar in the House of Lords will explore the multi-dimensional implications of gender-based violence and seeks to drive an integrated approach to supporting women who have experienced violence. 


The key themes of the seminar are drawn from discussions that took place during the February 2017 conference at Cumberland Lodge, Violence Against Women: A Determinant of Health.  

This conference brought together delegates from public health directors, NHS representatives, policy makers, think tanks, charities and service users, to explore ways of enhancing the Governments strategy to end violence against women and girls. It examined the barriers to, and opportunities for, enhancing health professionals response to a range of issues including  to female genital mutilation (FGM), sexual violence, intimate partner abuse, and honour based violence.

The conference made a series of practical recommendations for both health workers, victim support services and policymakers.

The Summary Report from this three-day conference (available in the 'Downloads' box on this webpage) outlines the key threads of discussion, recommendations and action points. 


The House of Lords seminar will bring together policymakers, senior civil servants and influencers in Westminster, on International Womens Day (8 March), to disucss key learning points and recommendations from the Cumberland Lodge conference.

Delegates will be addressing the following questions:

  • Why are rates of violence against women in the UK one third higher than the EU average?

  • What is needed to develop a more integrated approach for early intervention & joint up action

  • How can we encourage stakeholders from a wide range of sectors including healthcare to address the issues of gender based violence. 


The seminar will be chaired by Baroness Butler-Sloss GBE. Our guest speakers will be:

  • Winnie  M Li, PhD Researcher and Author of 'Dark Chapter'
  • Dr Neera Dholakia, Lead GP for Safeguarding Children and Clinical Lead for Mental Health, West London CCG
  • Ellie Ball, Independent Sexual Violence Advocate (ISVA), Cambridge Rape Crisis 

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This event is part of our Westminster Seminars, which take the learning, outstanding actions and recommendations from our Cumberland Conferences directly to senior policymakers, public servants and influencers, with the aim of addressing the root causes and effects of social division and promoting progress towards more peaceful, open and inclusive societies.



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Dates and times

From: 8 Mar 2018 - 3:00pm
To: 8 Mar 2018 - 5:00pm