Corporate away days to invigorate your team


Corporate away days are all about motivating your team by offering them an opportunity to step out of their usual work environment, partake in team-building exercises, and return to work feeling refreshed and invigorated. We feel that Cumberland Lodge is one of the best places to achieve this, providing a location like no other. You can find us in and among the beauty of Windsor Great Park, meaning we boast a stunning location that’s equally remote and accessible.

We can offer a lot more than just a gorgeous setting; in fact, Cumberland Lodge is packed full of heritage. This is because it was originally built in the 17th century, and since then, it has been home to a number of significant figures. Similarly, hiring a space with us allows you to support a charitable mission, as we’re a social enterprise with a primary focus on education. Therefore, with your support, we work to invest in the development of young people as ethical leaders of the future.  

It’s important to note that Cumberland Lodge doesn’t actively run corporate away days – instead, we provide the perfect venue for you to bring these events to life! Having been the location of many in our time, though, we’re well-equipped to provide advice about hosting a corporate away day in our esteemed venue.  

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What is a corporate away day? 

A corporate away day is an organised event in which employees leave their usual work environment to partake in a number of activities that are designed to boost morale, enhance team cohesion, and develop skills. From team-building exercises and workshops to recreational activities and relaxation sessions, these days can come in various forms. Regardless of the form they take, though, they have a shared goal of strengthening working relationships and improving workplace culture via positive and engaging experiences.

Planning a corporate away day 

As with any event, thorough planning is needed to craft a successful corporate away day. This requires you to do the following: 

  • Establish goals – You must first decide what the primary goals of the away day are. Strengthening team bonds, improving communication skills, and encouraging relaxation and fun are just some of the common objectives you might choose from. If you’re clear about your objectives, this will make the planning process easier and guide you in your activity selection. 
  • Understand your team – If you’re to get value from your corporate away day, your team needs to be able to participate and enjoy themselves. This means considering their interests, preferences, and physical abilities to ensure inclusivity and engagement.  
  • Set a budget – The amount you’re willing to spend on your event will determine what’s available to you. We can provide anything from room hire for a few hours to residential conferences with sleeping accommodation and dining included, meaning we’re able to cater to all manner of budgets. 
  • Plan your itinerary – The ideal schedule will tread the balance between structured activities and free time for relaxation and socialising. It’s about keeping things well-paced without overwhelming participants.  
  • Handle logistics and communication – If you’re not local to Windsor, you’ll need to look at arranging transportation. Similarly, you’ll need to communicate all details to your team in advance, such as what to bring, the dress code, and any other relevant information. 
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Corporate away days ideas 

If you’re on the hunt for ideas for corporate away days, we’ve got you covered. Listed below are just a couple of the things you might consider: 

  • Workshops and skill-building sessions – Leadership, communication, and creative thinking are just some of the topics that you might base a workshop or skill-building session around. You might also bring in expert facilitators to offer valuable insights and practical skills that team members can apply in their daily work.  
  • Wellness and relaxation – You might use the day to focus on wellness with activities such as yoga and meditation. This works to promote a healthy work-life balance in which employees are left feeling rejuvenated.

Corporate away day activities 

Once you’ve considered which of your ideas you’re going to pursue, you then need to decide on your specific activities for corporate away days. When selecting these activities, you need to make sure that you include a mix of different themes that cater to different interests and objectives. Some popular options include the following: 

  • Team-building games 
  • Icebreakers and energisers 
  • Creative challenges 
  • Sports and physical activities 
  • Brainstorming and strategy sessions 
  • Networking and socialising