Cumberland Lodge Fellowships

The Cumberland Lodge Fellowship offers doctoral students in the UK the opportunity to benefit from a close association with our educational programme.

During the two-year fellowship, students will deepen their understanding of pressing societal issues from a cross-sector perspective. At the same time they will develop valuable skills in public engagement, networking, communication and interdisciplinary working.

Nine Cumberland Lodge Fellows are selected each Spring through a competitive application process. This is open to doctoral students from universities and higher education institutions across the UK.

A tenth is nominated by the Council for At-Risk Academics, which supports international academics at risk of persecution, conflict or violence in their home countries.

A unique opportunity

Launched in 2014, the Cumberland Lodge Fellowship (previously the Cumberland Lodge Scholarship) is designed to fit around the demands of doctoral research. It is open to students of any age who are enrolled on a doctoral programme (on a part-time or full-time basis), and to those undertaking professional doctorates as well as more traditional paths of study.

Cumberland Lodge Fellows play an active role in our programme and outreach events, and receive ongoing mentoring and support from our staff. They have the chance to network with senior figures in public life and to participate in, or help to lead discussions with, people of all ages, backgrounds and perspectives.

What’s involved in the Cumberland Lodge Fellowship?

Ten new Fellows join us each year in September, at the start of the academic year, beginning with a residential weekend retreat at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park, to which the previous year’s cohort of Fellows are also invited.

Their involvement in our work during their fellowship may include:

  • leading workshops and/or chairing panel discussions
  • taking part in cross-sector discussions
  • proactively networking with fellow delegates at Cumberland Lodge events
  • supporting Cumberland Lodge staff with event facilitation
  • writing engaging newsletter articles and blog posts
  • supporting the promotion of our programmes and outputs to the wider public.

Fellows also have the opportunity to contribute to the development of our programme of events and activities. They are expected to act as an ambassador for our work and programmes, at university and beyond.

Personal development

Fellows are invited to apply for a Personal Development Grant of up to £300 during the two-year fellowship period. This should be used creatively to enhance their skills and promote progress towards more peaceful, open, and inclusive societies.

Meet our Fellows


Sarah Bibi

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2022-24


Eleanor Clarke

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2022-24


John Coggin

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2022-24


Basma El Doukhi

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2022-24


Sylvia Ikomi

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2022-24


Meaghan Malloy

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2022-24


Nicola O'Donnell

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2022-24


Shahira Shahir

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2022-24


Siyi Wang

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2022-24


Amir-Hosseyn Yassari

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2022-24


Claire Agius

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25


Favour Borokini

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25


Mattia Emma

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25


Sali Hafez

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25


Caroline Onyuka

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25


Zoe Strong

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25


Cee Swakamisa

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25


Khin Thet San

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25


Samuel Wairimu

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25


Rong Wei

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25