Mattia Emma

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25


Hello, I’m Mattia! I am German-Italian and have been studying physics in Italy, Germany, and the UK. 

Currently, I am completing a PhD in gravitational wave astronomy at Royal Holloway University of London. Gravitational waves are ripples in space-time, produced, for example, by inspiraling binaries of black holes. My research focuses on extracting information about the sources of these waves from signals we detect when they pass through our earth-based detectors. This allows us to learn more about the history of the Universe and the behaviour of matter in extreme environments.

An important part of my life is my engagement in volunteer activities as a teacher of physics, and raising awareness about the difficulties of accessing education around the world. I have founded a non-profit organisation called STudy to transfORM to assist in these activities, especially in Italy and Kenya.

I recently enrolled in a single course about political violence, at the Umea University in Sweden, and in my free time I love to play basketball.