Cee Swakamisa

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25


Hello, my name is Cee. I am currently a third-year PhD student at the University of Leeds and also hold a part-time position as a Legal Support Officer at the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. I am also a Fellow at The Royal Society of Arts (RSA), another organisation like Cumberland Lodge dedicated to addressing social division and finding solutions to current challenges. 

My research project focuses on examining the role of faith-based social entrepreneurship in eradicating multidimensional poverty and promoting sustainable development in South Africa. While my background is in law, I decided to pursue doctoral research after becoming frustrated with the high levels of extreme poverty in Africa and the difficulties faced by the international community in addressing complex social, economic, and environmental challenges. 

As an early-stage researcher, I am dedicated to working collaboratively to understand complex challenges and empower communities by utilising local knowledge and resources to co-create sustainable solutions for the future. As an aspiring social entrepreneur, I have a bold vision to create the African Renaissance Group (AR Group), which will be comprised of purpose-driven ventures such as development-focused companies, social enterprises, and charities. The aim of this group will be to end poverty, promote sustainable development, and inspire a new African renaissance.