Zoe Strong

Cumberland Lodge Fellow, 2023-25


Hello, I’m Zoe and I’m a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen. I’m from Ayrshire and moved to Aberdeen in 2017 for my undergraduate degree and haven’t left since! 

My research explores the lived experiences for dyslexic Christians. Dyslexic Christians, who often struggle to read the Bible, can experience anxiety due to stigmatisation, and even social and spiritual exclusion within Christian communities where Bible reading is regarded as an essential spiritual practice. However, conversations within theology and faith communities about dyslexia are limited. Through participatory action research, this project constructs a theology of dyslexia and enables dyslexic Christians to propose theologically grounded strategies for inclusion, support and thriving, generalisable to other community settings. 

When I’m not working on my PhD, I enjoy upcycling second-hand furniture and making jewellery from sea glass.