Team-building venue

A group of students outdoors at Cumberland Lodge.

If you’re on the hunt for unusual team-building venues in the UK, then look no further than Cumberland Lodge.

What really sets us apart as a venue is the fact that we have a heritage that spans 350 years, making the building truly remarkable to look at and fascinating to learn about. Additionally, selecting Cumberland Lodge as your team-building venue allows you to support a charitable initiative, as we’re a social enterprise that focuses on education. Ultimately, we strive to promote more just and inclusive societies, and by booking with us, you can help us leap forward in our mission. 

Having been the location of many team-building events over the years, we understand just how important these are for businesses. As a result, it’s essential that you select the right venue that has the capacity to engage and entice your team. We’re confident that the beauty and history of Cumberland Lodge have the power to do this, so discover more about what we can bring to the table in regard to team-building venues.  

It’s important to be clear about one thing we can’t deliver – pre-packaged team-building events. At Cumberland Lodge we do not run or provide team-building or corporate away days. But our venue can be the perfect location to stage your own events and whatever you want to do to benefit your people. Having hosted many such events in the past, our team is excellently placed to suggest things while planning and to support you while you’re here. But what you do is up to you – we’re here to host and help!

Company team-building venues 

We understand the size of Cumberland Lodge can be overwhelming, and this may cause smaller companies to write it off as a team-building venue. Despite this, within our vast space, we have a number of smaller rooms that can facilitate more intimate gatherings. In fact, we have rooms that accommodate as little as eight people, so even the smallest of teams can make the most of our stunning venue!

Corporate team-building venues 

Here at Cumberland Lodge, we can take it from one extreme to the other. In addition to providing low-key spaces for small-scale companies, we can also provide a series of large rooms for huge corporations. Our biggest room can accommodate 100 people, and you’re welcome to hire more than one room if you still require more space.

Outdoor team-building venues 

Cumberland Lodge is surrounded by landscaped gardens and thousands of acres of Windsor Great Park land, meaning it’s also the perfect location to host outdoor team-building activities. In the corporate world, the opportunities to connect with nature are limited, so allow your team to reap the many benefits of being outdoors by booking with Cumberland Lodge.

Overnight team-building venues 

Whether you need a team-building venue for a few hours or all night long, we’ve got you covered. This is because we provide companies with the opportunity to host residential conferences, in which attendees are presented with accommodation, dining, and meeting spaces all in one location. We have 58 ensuite bedrooms that can sleep up to 95 guests, so even large companies can host overnight team-building events with us.

Take a look at our venues for team-building

Regardless of the size of your company, Cumberland Lodge is here to provide the perfect team-building venue. You can learn more about the buildings and facilities we have on offer here, and we invite you to get in touch if any of these interest you.  

We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the perfect team-building venue!