Windsor venue hire

Cumberland Lodge has its location deep in Windsor Great Park.

Venues in Windsor are hugely in demand, and it’s no wonder when considering how beautiful and steeped in history the town is. Cumberland Lodge promises exactly this, being a truly remarkable building with a deep heritage. What’s more, as it’s based on the outskirts of Windsor, it’s equally remote and accessible, providing guests with the best of both worlds.

It’s very fitting that we’re based in a town that’s as historically interesting as Windsor, as our building holds great significance in regard to British history. Similarly, hiring our venue enables you to support a charitable mission, as Cumberland Lodge is a social enterprise. In fact, education is our core focus, and we’re always working to make this education accessible to all manner of students. For these reasons, we feel that we really stand out in the realm of Windsor venue hire, and you can discover more about the spaces we offer below.

Conference venues, Windsor

First and foremost, we provide conference venues near Windsor, providing you with the perfect professional setting. Our conference rooms offer a focused space in which guests can take in information and discuss effectively. We know that conferences typically involve the key players in a field, and our conference venues are designed to impress.

Function room hire, Windsor

Cumberland Lodge is also home to function venues in Windsor, allowing you to choose the perfect room for your event. Whether you’re looking for a perfectly picturesque wedding reception venue or another milestone celebration, we’ve got a function room to suit. What’s more, the gorgeous surroundings of the buildings are akin to a fairytale, making for a truly magical event.

Meeting venue, Windsor

Meetings are all about reaching an agreed outcome, and Cumberland Lodge is here to provide a dedicated setting in which these important conversations are facilitated. Our meeting rooms are steeped in professionalism, helping your team to reach their goals. With the help of our venues, a productive session is practically guaranteed.

Opt for venue hire in Windsor with Cumberland Lodge

Cumberland Lodge boasts a number of benefits that set it apart from other venues in Windsor. From conferences to functions to venues, we can do it all. So, we invite you to discover more about our buildings and facilities here. If you come across a space you like, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to begin the booking enquiry process. Our team is here to help you host your event in style.