A message about preparing to re-open

Information for visitors about our preparations for re-opening after lockdown

Aerial view of Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park, at dawn

A message from Dr Daren Bowyer, Chief Operating Officer, about our preparations for re-opening to guests:

As an organisation that exists to facilitate dialogue and debate, and was founded as somewhere people could meet safely to discuss pressing issues facing society, we are desperately sad to be closed to visitors at this time, and wait eagerly for the day when we can once again throw open our doors and welcome people back.

While we have been closed, we have not been idle; we have continued to offer as much of our programme online as we can, and we have helped to support our local community. Most importantly, we have been energetically preparing to reopen in a way that is safe while COVID-19 continues to be a threat.  

We do not know yet when we will be allowed to reopen, or what restrictions will be placed up on us with regard to capacity or social distancing when we do. But we have prepared a plan, following a detailed and externally validated risk assessment, to support re-opening, with two-metre social distancing in place, and protect both our guests and our staff. We will continue to review and adapt that plan, as further guidance is issued.  

In the meantime, though many staff are furloughed, others have been busy deep cleaning, repainting and refurbishing the Lodge, so that when we can re-open we will do so refreshed and confident that we have done everything possible to ensure a safe environment for all those who work, visit or stay here.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about our plans for re-opening, or enquire about making a booking from this summer onwards, please contact our Bookings team at enquiries@cumberlandlodge.ac.uk or call us during normal working hours, on 01784 432316.

We would be very pleased to hear from you, and happy to work with you to make sure we can meet your requirements.