Notice about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information about our response to the coronavirus pandemic

Side view of Cumberland Lodge in winter, from the grounds

In light of the current circumstances, and mindful of the wellbeing of our staff, guests, and the collective effort to contain coronavirus, we will not be holding any gatherings at Cumberland Lodge until 29 June 2020, pending further advice from the Government.

We are asking all those who have booked events due to take place at Cumberland Lodge between now and 29 June to postpone, if possible, and we are in the process of contacting group leaders individually.

We will also be contacting all those who have registered to take part in our own events, with more specific information about alternative arrangements.

Digital programme

As we are a charity that specialises in bringing people together, in dialogue, to tackle pressing issues facing society, we will continue our charitable work by maximising our use of digital technology.

We will be adapting many of our activities into ‘virtual’ events, as we did with the Cumberland Conversation with Lady Hale, earlier this week. This discussion is now available on our website here, along with a raft of digital resources, which we will continue to expand.

Our building and local community

During this quieter period, we will be taking the opportunity to carry out cleaning and routine maintenance work. Many of our household staff are now on ‘furlough’, and most of the rest are working from home, including Programme team and administrative staff.

Essential staff required on site, to maintain the building and fulfil the requirements of our Royal warrant, are spread out throughout the Lodge and required to maintain at least a 2-metre distance from one another, in line with the Government’s social distancing advice.

We are also working with our colleagues at the Crown Estate to support people in our local community who are in greater need of support, at this time.