Our response to the situation in the Middle East

A view of Cumberland Lodge from under a tree in the gardens.

At Cumberland Lodge, our thoughts are with all who are impacted by the violence in the Middle East. 

As a charity that promotes the use of dialogue to address social division and conflict, we urge those in positions of power and influence to call an immediate ceasefire, to ensure humanitarian aid to all who need it, and to prioritise talks that address the root causes of this conflict. 

We call on all leaders to protect civilians as a matter of urgency and to work towards a lasting, just settlement.

If you need a quiet place to take a moment or reflect while you are visiting Cumberland Lodge, we encourage you to make use of our gardens, weather-permitting. Alternatively, speak to Front of House who can find you an appropriate space indoors. There are cards available in the lobby if you wish to write a message on our “tree of reflection”, alongside the thoughts and prayers shared for Ukraine.

Our ethos, for over 75 years, has been to offer a safe space for the discussion of ideas that promote more peaceful, open, and inclusive societies. We are giving some thought to any ways we might be able to offer further help or support when the appropriate moment comes.