Bea Raffan Gowar

Interim Programme Officer


Bea Raffan Gowar joined us in September as interim Programme Officer. Bea first attended Cumberland Lodge as a student for our Police Conferences in 2018 and 2019. 
Alongside Bea’s role at the Lodge, she is also completing a PhD with the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge and King’s College, Cambridge. Bea is working on improving cost-of-crime estimates, to better aid cost-benefit analyses within the criminal justice sector. She is working with Professor David Farrington and Dr Maria Ttofi, supporting the development of her thesis.

Bea has previously worked for the Prisons Research Centre, Cambridge, and RAND Europe. She also works for another charity, Stand Against Violence, which uses real stories to open up discussions in educational settings around difficult but important topics, such as anti-violence, anti-bullying and domestic violence. 
In addition to Bea’s academic work, she also has 20 years’ experience within the hospitality sector at an international level. Bea is delighted to be working for Cumberland Lodge, as it brings together her two different skill sets of academia and hospitality in a unique way!