A recording of our Dialogue & Debate webinar, streamed live on Wednesday 1 September at 11am. In this webinar, we discuss how to build on the many benefits that sport can bring to our communities, whilst grappling with some of the challenges it faces, including racism, class divisions and social exclusion.

This webinar is hosted by our Programme Officer, Emily Gow.

Our guest panellists are:

  • Mark Bullock - Coach for Paralympic/disability sport
  • Russ Jefferys - Head of Communications, parkrun
  • Hamid Vaghefian - Head of Community Engagement, London Marathon Events; Trustee, the Running Charity and Young Harrow Foundation; Non-Executive Director at the Sport and Recreation Alliance.


Unfortunately, our fourth guest, Cathy Long (Head of Policy, Partnerships and Public Affairs at Women in Sport), was unable to join us due to personal reasons.

Dialogue & Debate

This webinar is part of our regular series of Dialogue & Debate webinars, which explores pressing issues of social cohesion in the UK, involving guest speakers from a range of sectors and perspectives. Our webinars are live-streamed on Zoom, on the first Wednesday of each month, at 11am. Recordings are shared afterwards, to access on demand.

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Audio-only recording

If you prefer to listen back to this webinar, you can do so via our SoundCloud channel here, or search for our Dialogue & Debate series on any major podcasting platforms.

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2 September, 2021