A Conversation with Sir Stanley Wells and Dr Paul Edmondson

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On Thursday 26 November 2020, two of the world’s leading Shakespearean fellows, Sir Stanley Wells and Dr Paul Edmondson joined us for a virtual Cumberland Conversation. 

Paul and Stanley reflect on their lives’ work to date, dedicated to the study of Shakespeare. In particular, they discuss their new book All The Sonnets of Shakespeare, which assembles the sonnets in their probable order of composition, giving a fresh sense of what the sonnet form meant to our greatest poet-dramatist.

This Conversation is chaired by our Chief Executive, Dr Edmund Newell.

About our speakers

Sir Stanley is former Chairman of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (1991-2011), Emeritus Professor of Shakespeare Studies at the University of Birmingham, and Honorary Emeritus Governor of the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he was also, for many years, Vice-Chairman.

Paul Edmondson is Head of Research for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, a Trustee of the British Shakespeare Association, and a priest in the Church of England.

Stanley and Paul have written and edited numerous books on Shakespeare, and are good friends of Cumberland Lodge, having helped to lead our annual Shakespeare reading retreat since 2015.