Is Education the Answer to Social Mobility: Dialogue & Debate

Resource type: Webinar

Streamed live on Wednesday 4 October 2020, this Dialogue & Debate webinar explores the factors that lie behind social mobility and different approaches to achieving socio-economic justice. It asks, is education the best answer to help disadvantaged young people increase their social mobility?

This hour-long discussion is presented by our Chief Executive, Dr Ed Newell, and includes questions that came in during the course of the webinar, from our audience online.

We were joined by guest panellists:

  • Caroline Adair – Funding and Development Director, Leadership Through Sport & Business
  • John Craven – Chief Executive, Upreach
  • Jouja Maamri – Sustainability & Impact Manager, Regenerative Creations
  • Dr Lee Elliot Major – Professor of Social Mobility, University of Exeter

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