Mind your Language!: Dialogue & Debate

Resource type: Webinar

Streamed live on 7 October 2020, this Dialogue & Debate webinar explores the complex politics behind language and terminology. We tackle questions about the control and regulation of language and consider the role of the Government, the media and minority groups in deciding what is deemed to be ‘Politically Correct’. We ask, ‘Politically Correct to whom?’

The webinar highlights the powerful and even transformative role of language for creating inclusive and equal environments, where everyone feels valued.

This webinar is presented by our Programme Officer, Emily Gow, who has a linguistics background.

Our guest panellists include:

– Kiri Kankhwende – Freelance journalist and Trustee at Index on Censorship

– Dr Melani Schroeter – Associate Professor in Linguistics, University of Reading

– Andy Shaw – Co-founder, Comedy Unleashed

– Tony Thorne – Author, linguist and lexicographer

Audio version

An audio-only version of this webinar is available below on this webpage and on podcast platforms.

Audio versions of all our previous Dialogue & Debate webinars can be found on SoundCloud here.