Togetherness in Times of Crisis: Dialogue & Debate

A webinar recorded live on 16 April 2020, with three guest panellists joining us virtually.

Resource type: Webinar

This Dialogue & Debate webinar with Cumberland Lodge, on ‘Togetherness in Times of Crisis’, features guest panellists Dr Mattia Diletti (Sapienza University of Rome), Jude Habib (SoundDelivery), and Sarah Farquhar (Crisis UK). Chairing the discussion is by Dr Jan-Jonathan Bock.

The Covid-19 crisis has already had a profound impact on many lives. There is no doubt that the social effects of the virus will continue being felt for years to come. Many have remarked that this pandemic is the greatest threat to humanity since World War II.

Amidst the fear and panic, the generosity and kindness shown by communities across the world has been humbling and empowering. Many have shown an increased appreciation for key workers and a renewed motivation to support the most vulnerable amongst us.

This conversation reflects on the positive implications of the pandemic across communities and discuss, more generally, how disruptive events can often help to build resilience and foster social cohesion.

The discussion builds on the ideas from our Resilient Communities conference, exploring the power of shared experience in building empathy.

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