Faith & Belief 2040: Social cohesion and sources of moral courage

A 15-minute podcast with two guest speakers from our November 2021 virtual conference, Faith & Belief 2040

Resource type: Podcast

A 15-minute podcast with two of the guest speakers from week two of our November 2021 virtual conference, Faith & Belief 2040, exploring initiatives for building social cohesion and nurturing moral courage in young people.

In this podcast, we speak to:

  • Edwin Shuker, a businessman, Iraqi refugee and former asylum seaker to the UK, and now Vice-President of the Board of Deputies for British Jews
  • Bushra Nasir CBE, Chief Executive of the Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust based in Romford.

We ask them about positive, practical examples of side-by-side interfaith work and educational interventions in schools, to encourage mutual understanding and respect in changing times, and help young people, in particular, to demonstrate moral courage in their lives.

We hear about examples such as Mitzvah Day in the Jewish faith community, and about the power of comparative religious education to help young people build resilience and confidence in times of conflict or in the face of resistance or lack of understanding.

The presenter for this podcast is our Programme Officer, Emily Gow,

You can find out more about our Faith & Belief 2040 project here.