Towards Justice: Insights into Truth and Reconciliation – Webinar recording

The second webinar in a series of three, leading up to the 2021 Cumberland Lodge Police Conference, 'Towards Justice: Law Enforcement & Reconciliation'.

Resource type: Webinar

A recording of the second live webinar in a series of three discussions we hosted in the lead-up to the 2021 Cumberland Lodge Police Conference, ‘Towards Justice: Law Enforcement & Reconciliation’, in June 2021. The Insights into Truth and Reconciliation webinar took place on 10 February 2021, at 11am.

The discussion takes the format of a conversation between Jonathan Powell, CEO of Inter Mediate and former Chief Negotiator on Northern Ireland, and Assistant Chief Constable Kerrin Wilson QPM from Lincolnshire Constabulary. 

It explores different approaches to examining past harms and promoting lasting and meaningful community reconciliation. This includes public inquiries, criminal charges, transitional justice, and truth and reconciliation commissions. The speakers examine the example of Northern Ireland, including learnings about the role of police organisations in rebuilding trust.

Towards Justice project

Towards Justice: Law Enforcement & Reconciliation is a nine-month project exploring criminal justice approaches to addressing historical wrongs in the UK; in particular, the role of the police in promoting successful and enduring reconciliation and supporting the pursuit of wider social justice.

Key themes and ideas from these webinars and our summer conference were presented in a summary report, with recommendations for policymakers and policing and criminal justice practitioners. Read the report here.

Webinar briefing

We have published a short, independent briefing to inform discussions at the Insights into Truth and Reconciliation webinar. You can download a copy from the bottom of this webpage or read it on-screen here.

Audio recording

Listen to an audio-only recording of this webinar below. Cumberland Lodge’s podcasts are on all major podcasting platforms, including SoundCloud and Spotify.