at Cumberland Lodge

Various dates: Group tours of Cumberland Lodge

Cumberland Lodge Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Enjoy a private tour of our beautiful 17th century building, and learn more about its history and how it came to be home to our educational charity. Tours are available on weekdays for groups and societies and last approximately 45 minutes to one hour, followed by light refreshments. Bookings are for a minimum group size


Dialogue & Debate: Civility in Politics

Polarised and vitriolic debates are a problem for democracy, yet increasingly politicians and public officials are having to deal with intimidation and abuse – sometimes with tragic consequences. This is particularly an issue for women and those from minority backgrounds. With a general election looming in the UK, the tone of political debate, both online

Spring Dining Club at Cumberland Lodge

Cumberland Lodge Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Come and enjoy the charm of Cumberland Lodge with a sumptuous spring dinner designed by our Head Chef, Rob Szewczyk. 6pm - Tour of Cumberland Lodge (optional) Optional tours of Cumberland Lodge are offered for any guests attending the dinner. Please arrive to the reception in the main Lodge for 6pm. 6:45pm – Champagne reception followed


Dis/Mis-information and Young People

Cumberland Lodge Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Dis/Mis-information and Young People: Developing Strategies for Critical Media Literacy Part of the Cumberland Lodge Youth and Democracy project Secondary school students are now likely to spend much more time online than previous generations, specifically on social media platforms that are also a major source of dis- and misinformation. As a result, young people are

The Right to Protest: A Cumberland Lodge London Dialogue

Goodenough College Mecklenburgh Square, London

Join us for a conversation about our right to protest, and its evolving role in shaping a better future. Protest is recognised not only as a human right, but also as a powerful catalyst for change. Young people, historically at the forefront of activism, continue to engage in protests on issues such as the climate