In July 2020, we launched a four-part mini-series of interactive webinars on Black Lives Matter, to help address pressing issues of race and justice in the UK, focusing on implications for policing, education, the culture sector and wider society. These webinars are part of our regular Dialogue & Debate series, which tackles pressing issues of social cohesion.

This project draws on several of our recent and forthcoming conferences and reports, including our cross-sector, intergenerational work on Race in Britain: Inequality, Identity, Belonging, Difficult Histories & Positive Identities, Resilient Communities, and our ongoing work on policing and criminal justice matters.

As part of this work, we will be publishing video and audio recordings of each webinar, to watch on-demand, as well as reflective blog posts on each discussion, and a summary report to be written by one of our outgoing Cumberland Lodge Scholars, Angelika Love, later this summer. We also hope to build on these discussions in the coming months and years, to support ongoing momentum for practical responses and positive change.

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