Schooling and Inequality: Dialogue & Debate

Resource type: Webinar

A recording of our Dialogue & Debate webinar, streamed live on Wednesday 6 October 2021 at 11am. Schooling and Inequality examines what this summer’s grade inflation reveals about inequalities within our education system, across private schools and selective and non-selective state schools. We discuss what a sustainable and inclusive schooling system might look like, and what needs to be done to ensure that all young people are given a fair opportunity to flourish.

Our guest panellists are:

  • Professor Barnaby Lenon CBE – Chair, Independent Schools’ Council
  • Kim Rihal – Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships, Equal Education
  • Josiah Senu – Deputy Chair, Sutton Trust Alumni Leadership Board

Dialogue & Debate

This webinar is part of our regular series of Dialogue & Debate webinars, which explores pressing issues of social cohesion in the UK, involving guest speakers from a range of sectors and perspectives.

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Audio-only recording

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